People around me


Life is a learning process which every one of us has to pass through it and this is why:

After reaching the age of 28 years old, I have been able to observe and pay very close attention to the things around me, family, friends, work, bad things, awesome things and to be very honest I haven’t be able to figure it out how complex life can be, time to time. Recently I’ve started working on my own, started to pay attention in what makes me nervous, embarrassed and with a very low level of confidence, perhaps that made me see what is really going on around my life and people’s lives around me.

I have been searching for answers my entire life, answers that not one has, but me. Answers to questions that I don’t even know how to make them. Life comes across a lot of things and each one of those things has a meaning, is up to us to decide, to judge and take actions on what happens to us. A simple shutdown coming from somebody that is surrounded by anger, frustration and any other kind of bad feelings could make my day the worst day of my life, and that would consume all my energy and discover why that happens, what is wrong? what is bad about me? why? God why? and been able get rid of all this constant thinks is what I have conquered and only because I am surrounded by people who also have some kind of energy that can only brings glory and success to my life and their lives as well, as we share the same places and ideas.

Each and every time I came across to these people I realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of, there is not to regret for, nothing to be sorry for. To this post I dedicated to people who have the ability to motivate them and people around them and as if it’s true I can do the same if not now, soon enough to make me happy again.

Thanks for reading this.

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