Time flies

When we start paying attention to what really matters to us is when you realize that 24 hours might not be enough to accomplish all your daily goals or objectives of the day. There are so many things that we could have done and we haven’t and there are still things that we can do and we might end up not doing them again. I, for example thought that a person could not be a writer, film maker, English teacher, IT analyst all at the same time, however I consider myself part of these things, of course I am still a child in most part of the carriers I am intending to follow, however I left behind that feeling that this can’t be done and started working in a piece of each tasks I am assigned to, by doing that I don’t have more time to spend thinking about why the taxes are so high, why the government is one of the things that I have most or why my soccer time lost so many games, these are indeed  things that gather time and it won’t take us anywhere, it won’t let us richer, wiser, clever, so why we don’t stop?

That’s an interesting question, right? And I am start asking myself “why?” more often and I think each one of us should think about it and perhaps one day realize what matters to us, giving attention to that kind of thought and go find what makes us happy


(recording thoughts is a way of improving life experience to accomplish a better version of you)

Thanks for reading it

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