Words on Changing

Hi all,

I’ve recently gotten my thoughts stuck on this matter. Changing is a damn thing, that we all have to pass through it. To change is something like we all do, some people for bad and others for good, it will inevitably come to you and sometimes you won’t even notice it, but it’s there. What you thought once that was wrong, doesn’t fell that wrong anymore, right? Or what was damn right, now it’s just not right, right? I try to pay attention to that, cause I am sure that I’ve also changed over the past few years. Understanding this process seems to be a quite difficult task, however, I think that it must be done, once in a while. Rate the average of changes that you had so far, make a balance of how much of you are now, comparing with the old version of from 5 years ago. Are your dreams still alive? Some of them died in the process? What happened? This is a self-reflection that might help all of us understanding ourselves and making better choices in the future. Once I wrote something “Don’t change too much, otherwise you might not recognize yourself anymore”. That’s a kind of think that to me it’s still true. How much of you is still there since the day you were born?

I’ve seen people changing, some of them for bad, other for good, others I am not really sure yet. When I see that happens I sometimes get pissed off, sometimes I get happy when, of course when it comes to good stuff, for that bad ones “disappointment” is the word, but I won’t spend lines writing on that, for these people I fell sorry, that’s all I can do. Well, I think that I’ve changed for good, I might be wrong somehow, but I will only know if somebody tells me or I gladly notice it, tough thing to do, though. If it does, I let you know…

To conclude this, I just would like to mention that no matter changes you went through at the end of all, is that child that once watched the world, that wondered how big it would be, that dreamed about living a happy life, still there?

Thanks for reading this (relieving thoughts)

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