What does happen to us?

I have already almost lost hope, I have already almost given up, I have already almost cried, that’s what happens to us, a day at a time, living, waking up every day wondering if a miracle will happen to us or not, if surprises are on our way and then, we make a suggestion to our own thoughts, allowing us to imagine a better life, an ideal day, a day where everything you’ve always wanted to come to life. I tried to understand those changes in my mind, however, the high and low mix of feelings sometimes confuses my understanding of life itself.

A music can bring you up or down, a word said by someone can also do the same, but why? Are we sometimes vulnerable by our own thoughts? It is confusing as life is, and I picture our minds as huge oceans where the same thinking that was lost in some part of the deep obscure ocean is for some random reason brought back to our foreheads and change what was once true in false, or vice-versa.

Being nearby people and things that help us to surf on the biggest waves of our imagination is what keeps me living happy and able to support whatever happens, not ever letting the light within be turned off.

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