Balance is a word that has increased on my life. The understanding of this word is something really impressive. We have to be lot’s of things in life, we should be good husbands, boyfriends, wives, workers,  good sons, fathers, mothers, and a lot more. But how to become a person of success with so many tasks to do? That’s the question that I asked myself. How come some people be billionaires and have a successful life and we here, stuck, we simple tasks and simple lives. Well, I haven’t found out the answer yet, but I think I am quite there. The thing is to be best at what you think is best for you, your family, friends, to a group of people, anything you are related to. We have to manage our time trying to fill every second of it with useful things and thoughts. Stop wasting time, time is limited.

If we can manage to have balance on all areas of our life, that’s what will bring us peace, to live a life full of good stuff and happiness. Since the day I’ve decided to run for my dreams in life, everything has changed. The balance is on the food I eat, on the exercises I do, on the reading, listening, writing, thinking…

Find the words that will motivate you, find the music, a person, a poem, whatever you think it is, focus, balance, effort, greatness, life, live, alive……..

Find your own Balance!

Motivated by Less Brown, Thomas Eric and Will Smith…..

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