20 minutes, do you have it ?


I’ve been stuck with this question for a while. Sometimes we get in our jobs, sit our asses down and start counting how many hours left, so we can go home and them is night again, you do your stuff and soon it is time to sleep again. What is the difference between the time spent in your job and the time spent in home? Well, I believe that the time spent in your job was the the time that you are wasting, that’s why you hate it, that’s why you count down the minutes to leave it. After that being said, I realized that sometimes 20 min of our time is enough to do precious things, but from 8 hours of a day work, within 20 min multiplied by 24x and I couldn’t find 20 min free to read a book, to focus in something important to me, as thinking about your life, think about things you’ve done and finally come back to the conclusion that you count the minutes to leave your job cause you were supposed to be doing something else.

Steve Job said “To do a great work you must love what you do, if you haven’t found it, keep looking”, and is that true or not? Do you love what you do? well, if the answer is “no” think about the “WHY”.

20 min is what took me to write this thoughts down, but I just did it, cause I love writing.

“You were born with a purpose” – Less Brown

Have a nice day.

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