I was dying….

I was dying from a disease that had no cure, I was dying from a disease that no doctor would have to prognosticate, that no medication could’ve cured me. I was dying not from a physical problem, but a physiological one. A disease that not even I really knew that exist. It was something very serious that I had to go through to find my way back to light.

When you know something is wrong with you and you know that there is nothing you can find to get it better, your hope starts ending and power and strength are not enough to fight that struggle. I finally found where that cage’s door open, the key is only one “Effort”. Dying can be a scary thing to some of us, but I believe that there are some people that actually pray for it, so their pain and frustration can be ended. To live a life at the very little, it’s nobody desires. You have to change from the inside, change your entire belief system, as “Less Brown” once told.

Sports, knowledge, life experience, power of will, challenge situations…….that All saved me life….and they are still saving…..a bit at a time…..

Thanks for reading it.


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