English empowered me


Language is an amazing thing; It is the way we communicate to each other, it’s expressing feelings, even though, when words are not used, we know what the other person might want to say and again we come back to the word “say”. Say, talk, speak, scream, laugh; These and more others abilities come from the mouth, the open hole in your face that also is responsible for feeding you along your life.

Perhaps Portuguese is my mother language, I feel like not very comfortable to speak as I would be in English, even writing has become more common to me, but I can’t do it in Portuguese. I have already asked the main question of all “why?”. Well, there is no answer for that and for real, I just don’t want to know, it doesn’t matter much now, it used to, though.

Sometimes we bend ourselves when we are facing situations through life, however I think that the only one we should bend for is to “God, your mother and father”, people you should show respect for what they’ve done in life and for you. Life is game-changing for everyone, or you face the reality of what is around and take some attitudes or you sit back and fall, perhaps this last option will end with everything, so don’t take it.

It will take time to you realize what matters for you, the distractions and temptations of life will always be there, there is no doubt of that, from 28 years of experience that is my conclusion of how hard is the path you take, weeks will become tough, days will become hard, hours will become painful, but in the end, you will certainly find happiness.

Is there something else to achieve?

Thanks for reading it.



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