The noise around

Probably not one of my best days for writing, but here it comes anyway.

It’s difficult to run when there are chains around you pulling you back, you have probably pictured this image into your mind, right? Well, that was only a figure of speech, the chain I am concerned about is the mental one. There are so much crap around us, so many useless facts happening all the time and to me, the majority of people have been busted by it. The noise is loud and annoying, so what should we do to avoid it?

Focus on the things that matter and make plans, plans are great and I have just figured that out with a help of a friend. He will become a very important person in a near future. You must shut down the  “easy way” that is always going to be there, that voice that make you stay in the bed for a bit longer, the voice that makes you go home instead of going to the place you were supposed to do, the voice that says “stop”. It’s against you, you of today against you from yesterday.

Knowledge is the key of everything, if you know something about something you are losing a lot, however if you know everything about something, that it’s, you are the specialist, the most reliable person to be called about that thing that you studied, that you dedicated time, that you sacrifice yourself for.

Shrinking isn’t the way out, increase, enhance, raise, enlarge, magnify, intensify and expand are the way, not “out”, but the way in, to yourself appreciation.


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