The ugly duck


Since childhood, since ever, looking in the mirror was never that easy. A giant looking like an ant, the whale looking like the clown fish. Luckily life is always changing. The master who became the servant, the servant who became the master. We all have experienced some tragedy and if not, we will. Forgive and grow.

The inside was never the most important, sadly it still does. The mirror of our soul, eyes won`t ever lie about what you are thinking. The thinking never lies.

Whoever you think you are, whoever you think you were, it`s never late to recover, rebuild, replay, re-encourage and reborn.

Let the ugly duck inside of you become the hawk chasing its own glory. Don`t be a madman; by “mad man” I mean, that guy who does the same thing, over and over again and expect something different happen or we may simplify it by one single word “insanity”.

The last man standing, hope, gratitude, patience, courage, pain, frustration and rejection will come through, the duck won`t become any uglier, it will only grow through it and not pass through it.

“I do what I do because I was built for something.”(Ray Lewis)

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