Running is a mix of feelings that everyone should take a chance to try, it’s a mix of pain and satisfaction, a totally worth living activity. The seconds that become minutes and minutes that become hours. A fight between you and you, the easy and tough side colliding, again and again, from the beginning of the run until the end, muscles and thoughts extremely tired of the argument, meanwhile you are still running. It’s a struggle for me every single time that I start running, few hours later, the body is still hurting, knees screaming and legs asking for some rest.

Although it’s difficult, I know that I have friends and companions who are tougher, faster and more prepared than me some kilometers ahead, so that’s why I keep on the road, some conversations with God and my father are also in the way, I ask for strength and power, that my faith grows along the way and I must never give up. With or with no music, in a group or alone, it’s always me and my lungs, legs, feet, heart all together, there is no way I can cheat, no other way I can finish it, but running.

My friend Isaque Mendes is one of the most inspiring people I’ve known and as his wife Beatriz Akinaga they run and run fearless every single day and their success is something else. I miss the races when I am not present, cause I am sure, sooner or later the first place will come to both of them. I am glad to be their friends and be able to surf on the same wave, not that high, but I am humbly running as them.

The pain is here, my body is talking to me while I am writing, not sure if it’s thanking me for the ride or the other way around.

Writing frees my mind

Swimming frees my breath

Running frees my body

and English, well English is my soul!

Thanks for reading!

C Junior


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