An specialist

What I’ve always missed in my life was the feeling of never becoming an specialist in something I do. An IT Analyst is the title I hold today, but this ain’t what I really wanted to be. Having a degree is something that the majority of people study for or let’s say those ones who like studying, this is not the case though.

From my life experience I can tell you, if you are not a hundred percent sure of what you are doing ,  you might end up in trouble. The feeling is exactly this “fear”, then your stomach start hurting, headaches on the way and when you are done with all the stress, some damage happened, this might become a vicious circle where you go, through.

Whether you know about this or not you know that when you deal with someone who has high abilities is other thing, you can notice that by only receiving the right and straight answers right away after a question has been made. You feel comfortable if the professional doesn’t hesitate.

With that being said I would like to set a new goal and perhaps this might influence other people to do the same. I will become a English Specialist whereas people call me a teacher, fluent speaker or whatever title I reach. Becoming a native speaker won’t be possible, I was born in Brazil, furthermore I’ll reach the maximum level possible for a foreign.

An advice from a guy who have learnt to live: SET A GOAL TO YOUR LIFE.

Best Regards,

C Junior


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