When things are not going great or perhaps you’ve lost track of time and life seems to be without sense, they will bring you back. YES! “THEY” your friends. The relationship between humans is above all bad feelings that we might feel in life. The parties together, the moments, shared moments, the jokes, those fellows who mostly make you smile and help you out, rather than doing some damage to you, because for this matter I presume that life itself naturally does.

From the old ones to the very recent ones, friends are always friends, of course, there is the special ones, who you have probably shared very particular moments or ideas. Each of them have their thank to you as you have to them, however, one important thing to be considered is the “distance”. I myself have already experienced how it is, lots of friends, coming and going off my life, I miss most of them, furthermore I sometimes try to catch up, extremely difficult to happen, though.

I’ve been blessed by God and I can certainly say that I carry a lot of friendships along the way and the way hasn’t even reached its half. Not only being together is what will make your friendships stronger, but also talking, share moments, hanging out, discuss, share ideas, listening, basically, human basic needs. Facebook friends aren’t showing real numbers, 500 hundred, 600 hundred, 1 thousand, no matter what those numbers say, your true friends you might be able to count with one or two hands.

Some will come forever, others will go forever, no matter what, be glad for those who have stayed, remember things about those who have left and smile back to them, even though they don’t see it. A life is made of moments, moments alone are nice and I particularly like them, but I heard, or better I watched a movie (INTO THE WILD) where at the end of the movie Christopher McCandless wrote “Happiness, only true when shared”. From the moment I heard that until now, I am starting to believe that it’s true.

By the way, if you haven’t seen this movie, this is a great chance to.

thanks for reading it.


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