Balance….You have to have it

Life is an amazing thing, isn’t it? In fact, it is great to be able to breathe and share feelings along the way. I still work on the perfect balance of life. Have you ever thought about giving up on everything? Perhaps not seen a light at the end of the tunnel? Well, I think as much older you get, this thoughts will pass trough your mind at least once, then when everything is set in the right way, things get back to normal and live goes on.

Thinking about balance is an everyday situation for me. If we have all aspects of our lives well balanced, it should be easier to carry on, however, to find the balance on everything is a huge, enormous and extremely difficult task to accomplish. I tried, I’ve tried, I am trying to get there. Physically and/or mentally healthy is the goal of many people, I presume, but not everyone, cause there are some crazy people around right? I bet you know someone who has crazy habits or doesn’t give a shit to life, but let’s skip those fellows.

Felling good is awesome, disposal all day long, strength, focus, excitement, imagine that! All put together on only one person, for the entire day, can you imagine it? Well, this is how I picture myself in a not very far date and for that I need to improve some aspects of my habits as well as brain thoughts. Although I still can’t accomplish these daily goals, I am still trying, every single day, persistence should get me something good, right?

Beyond all efforts used to eat well, sleep well and work well, there are a lot of energy, that I personally call “the chain of goodness”, but this is a future project that you guys might have the opportunity to prove, that’s is surprise and I’ll put it on hold, tough.

Thanks for reading.

Cosme Junior



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