Who to blame

Who are you blaming for not being where you want to be? Sometimes this is a question that should be asked and answered by ourselves. We can make a long list of things or people that could be blamed for our social class, for our current job, place where we live in, things that we do or for what happens to us. If you want to make a list now, do it, but no matter if your list has a 100 items or only 5, that won’t change a damn thing.

Is the government, the economy or dollar supposed to be blamed for how much money you have now or perhaps you have wasted money on useless things or uninteresting people?

Is genetic’s fault that you don’t have the body you want to have or being able to do sports you want to? If you are tall, short, fat, thin, strong or week and can’t change that, it’s nobody’s fault either, refuse that kind of thinking, become whatever you want to become.

Is it your IQ’s fault that you are able or not to become an engineer, a doctor or whatever profession you are willing to be? I don’t think so and you know that, right? If you think that you can solve a math’s problem because you are not smart enough, ask you the following question: How many time have I spent doing this? If you’ve tried 2, 3, 4, 10 times, definitely it wasn’t nearly enough.

Well, in few minutes I have chosen only three possible thing that you might have thought about it, and it wasn’t hard, I could’ve spent a day building a much larger list, but I guess if you are reading this you’ve gotten my point.

Do not accept life events change the course of your life, do whatever you want to do, live wherever you want to live, become whoever you want to become and “live your life with passion” as Less Brown have already said.

Thanks for reading it!

Cosme Junior


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