Since ever I believe that some things in life will occur as they should and that doesn’t mean that you should wait for things to happen, it only means that no matter what you do, things will or won’t happen. I’ve learned that Murphys’s law didn’t mean that bad things will happen, but things will happen whatever you like or not. This confusing situation that brought me to this post.

I am 29 years old and still not sure if I believe in fate, but there is definitely something else than we believe; What do you believe in? I could tell you that I believe in doing good, doing the right thing in the right way is true, which brings us to the “When?”.

When should you do the things you want to do? When an opportunity comes? When you feel comfortable doing it? When you have money to do it? When you feel confident?  Things happen in life also depending on your attitudes, actions and thinking, however, there is fear involved.

Fear is something real, but I’ve heard the only fear you should have it’s fear itself. One of the most feeling that we have. According to Less Brown, fear is the most settle and destructive of all human diseases, fear kills dreams, fear kills hope, fear put people in the hospital, fear can age you, fear can hold you back. For that reason I am always concerned about feeling fear, furthermore I am trying to change it.

Possibilities are back to action when you confront it with fear. If you fear taking opportunities, the possibility of something good happen is real, is vivid and alive. Despite the fact that I try to grow in some aspects, I am still a child crying for its mom and hoping for help. Life is too short to not grow, even though a bit per day. We should learn something every each day of our lives, it has to happen.

Motivation must be something from inside, at least the most part of it and for the other part, I believe that either your family or your friends or even colleges and your partner take place. Christopher McCandless said at the end of his journey “Happiness is only true when shared”, and I am starting to believe in him.

Thanks for reading it.

Cosme Junior



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