Creating your own world


In the middle of all craziness of the world today we’ve got to learn to build our own set of thoughts that will guide us through the day. A variety of situations occurring during the day that in my opinion fill our brains with too much noise, disabling us to think right and also being able to have creativity, imagination and motivation and then really do stuff out of our comfort zone which has the incredible power to shrinks us.

What do you use your brain for? I am use mine to tell my self that I must be more than I’ve been, that I can do more than I have done, that I can have the things I want to have, regardless to where I am, where I was born and who I am. With that in mind every time you feel falling back to bad feelings you will have something to hold on to. You basically create your own world.

With all the social medias, TV, internet, Whats App and so many others distractions in the world, it’s easy to lose ourselves and get stuck on that kind of life, creating a vicious circle that only keeps us spinning again and again for years. I still use social medias, however I’ve tried to keep me always for some periods of time, I am not there yet, but I will reach that point soon.

Despite the fact that you will become a little bit anti social during this process, the necessary efforts to build your world are not that difficult. I believe that life always post to us two paths and you have to chose one of them. It’s the hardest choice you have to make when deciding if you want to do or have what everybody else has or your world will be as amazing as you’ve imagined it.

Thank you for reading this!


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