Why writing?

Well, I’ve always recurred to letters because of my lack of speaking. Since the age of 15s, I guess that writing was the easiest way for expressing myself to others. Regarding feelings, I’ve always gotten to sentimental even before I lost my father it was already in me. Writing has its own magic, however, I believe that eye contact, expression and the intonation of the words are much better than simple words in a letter.

When you are writing you’ve got plenty of time to think, it gives you space and time, maybe it’s just not as accurate as spoken words, but I couldn’t yet figure it out which of these two abilities have the most effective results when it comes to demonstrate your true feelings. Believing that no matter what way you choose the important part is that the message must be given, and for that reason I do still write.

Another aspect of writing is relieving thoughts from my mind which has created billions of thoughts since I was born and I think I think too much. Somehow after writing some pages these thinkings are put to rest for a while. It also gives you the condition of being the author of your own story and as much as stories have been written it will never exist one just like yours. Words that were never spoken can be for sure been written and perhaps reach something or someone out there.

I’ve written too many letters, either to friends or girls and neither of them could really choose to receive it or not by me, I never gave them the chance. You can’t drop a phone call or ignore a message sent by any kind of social media nowadays, but in a letter you know that there is something else there, I just hope none of my letters have been thrown out before somebody read them, if it happened I prefer to not know.

As much grow as I get and as much experience as I gain I think writing will be there, but I wish I could also speak as good as write and now I am implying you that my posts were written well, but that’s just not for me to decide.

Thank you for reading this.


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