A refugee…a place to be

Sports are one of the most important things we can put ourselves in. The challenges of completing tasks, running, cycling or swimming faster, lifting more weight at the gym can enable you becoming an athletic person and also having a place to be. I’ve recently stood my thoughts into this. Why becoming more physically active and furthermore with no much time left will increase your life experience instead of making you tired?

In fact, I’ve seen the both sides of this coin and I can assure that sports and your regular life aren’t two totally different places to live in, one depends on the other, but they are completely apart of each other when regarding to a mental place to be. For me, it’s something new, instigating and savior. Whenever things stop working in one side, I immediately jump into the other and I built then some life balance on my own.

I am used to training 6 days a week, so it has become part of my active lifestyle.  With that being said, you can begin imagining that there is not time left for other things, you might just be right at this point, however, no having time has actually a good point. When things are going great at the financial, emotional or work side I flip my life back to sports and then I run, I swimming, I work out and I give a 120% of me there and free my mind of unnecessary thoughts.

While practicing sports is a renewing activity for me there are some troubles in the way, Injures! That’s right, they happen and trick you into thinking that about a new perspective which I believe isn’t really great. At the first time I got injured I thought “Why me, why is this happening?”, but this won’t help much. Injuries are part of athlete’s life and only discipline and perseverance will prevent you from having them. Well, a bad training day is something normal and real for me and whenever that happens I jump back to my normal life, family, friends and work life.

I just noticed now that I’ve been jumping from one side to the other and well,  here is your boat floating on the ocean without sinking. Now I believe living a life more balanced and able to bounce back here and there, moreover a bigger and greater man than has ever lived within me.

I have a dream of never feeling mad, guilty, desperate, stressed, bad for any reason, confused for any situation, nervous or faint. I wish for a life of happiness and with only kind thoughts in my mind and life. I hope for goodness and I believe that doing that right thing no matter what happen can guide getting to this life.

Thanks for reading this.


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