Text messages….good or bad?

text message

I`ve been wondering about this subject for a while and to tell the truth, I am one of those people that rather send a text message to somebody than calling our talking in person. Why is that? Well, I used to be very shy and that was the only way to communicate with people, back in 2003, I used to use ICQ as my tool to approach any kind of conversation that would make me nervous or faint.

Text messages, as well as letters, are written ways of communication, while, written letters  delivered to somebody has a much bigger impact to the reader, text messages are empty. Even though text messages are very helpful due to the quick time that they are delivered and read, if there this some sort of feeling into that message, the reader will never be able to grab that, even your closest friends wouldn’t get that.

A conversation between you and a girl or vice versa can become very friendly over the time, laughing, anger, disapproval, happiness is always there, but not with the same intensity of a real conversation, well I confess that I do it myself, it`s a much easier approach, because you don’t see the person’s reaction, there is no payback, if you didn’t say something to offend or amuse the other person and somehow that’s what was understood, sorry, nothing can be done if the reader doesn’t express it.

Real conversation was left behind, together with the advanced technology that grows each day. Sometimes I still take a friend by the hand, we sit and talk, this kind of conversation usually last for 2 hours or more, but now, comparing with a What`s app message, 3 or 4 messages and it`s gone, or we are too much busy talking to other people or we are doing other things, such as driving or too much tired to give attention to that message.

Unfortunately, there is no way yet to send feeling over the cables and network, there is no way to send a laugh over a text message, a real one, not ours “kkkkkkkk” or “jajajja” for Spanish friends that I have. Depending on your objective, text messages are just fine, they are simple and quick, however, when it comes to express emotion and your true feelings, I judge it the worst way of communication, because it leaves blank spots on both sides, for the sender who has no way to feel what they expect to feel and for the reader who might never have the chance to get what the writer wanted to say.

Thanks for reading it.



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