A boat in the ocean

Objectives are what make us going forward, without them life seems to be pointless. What I`ve experienced is that you can point out in the map a direction, however if this direction is not clear enough, you might end up somewhere between where you decided to go, and that is one the biggest mistakes we make in life. A boat going somewhere in the north of the ocean can be thousand of miles away from one extremity to the other.

Defining your goals will help to also build your path to that goal, that road that must be followed precisely from the beginning to the end and well if the road was followed correctly there are two outcomes, on one you will be a successful person and on the other you will be a failed one, The question you have to answer if you fail is this one “Did I do everything I had planned to do or somehow I have deviate from true path?”

In order to achieve your goals you should find out what makes you happy and living, what makes you itch and then set the directions you want to go, whatever direction you set is going to be your passion, you got to love it, moreover it will define you as a person, a father, a mother, a child, human or whatever definition you might have about yourself.

Don’t fall into the trap that the majority of people fall, such as me at this particular moment. I can describe myself as a boat floating in the ocean full of energy and with a strong hull, but with a not clear path ahead of its. It’s difficult, tough, and extremely hard, however, once you find and define it, life will become a lot easier to you deal with and you might never again think about giving up.



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