Why all these rules?

I was thinking about the things that we do in life and I went back few years in the past for a little while. We act accordingly to what we lived, so our actions are a result of past experiences that we had. Based on that I realized that there are so many rules for our way to behave. I mean, we have to give presents only when someone is celebrating his or her birthday? could I spontaneously create a feeling and give somebody a gift? Only for the strangeness of willing to do it?

As well as giving a present I think the way we relate to others are equally the same. When dating girls you must not call her on the next day, you can’t express your feelings cause, well it will show her too much interesting, but then you don’t call, you don’t do anything, now it’s the opposite and the same happens on the other side of the door. We strangely behave like this by the rules the world made us follow.

I think that if we could do whatever we want to do without worrying about other people’s reaction, the world could be better and we as humans could truly be something else than the tired “ordinary”. Saying things are never easier and exposing ourselves to others brings some sort of fear of what is going to come back from that action. Fear is real when we believe it’s, but it’s always in our mind first, even though there is no reason to be afraid of something, we sometimes fell, think, act and react based on fear, and that’s not good for anyone.

I wish for the day that the only rule we have to follow is the one on its very simple form, the rule of being happy and satisfied with our actions. Happiness by all mean is true and whoever is seeking for it will find only when love comes to place. No stress, no depression, no any ache that might exist is what I wish for, but while we live under the rules of a world we have created on our own, we will always suffer before feeling the magical and wonderful good in our hearts.

Let`s create our own rules!



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