The Forgiveness of the reckless

The Chinese bamboo tree has a long way, 5 years they said. This is a tree which takes 5  years to grow. You don`t see instant results, that’s the so-called “Patience” that we supposed to have. “What you become in the process is more important than the dream”. A Less Brown’s saying that makes all things have a meaning.

One of the most valuable qualities that I see in someone who is trying to seek goals is patience, whatever you are trying to reach, whatever aspect of your life (financially, socially or emotionally) it takes some time to see results, it takes efforts to keep going. Whatever age you are, there is always time for finding something new, someone new, something else that make you want to live again.

Please, find the reason that will bring your life happiness again, it’s not worth it to live without that reason. I have limitless reasons to be alive. We have such extraordinary friends around or relatives who need our help and by helping them, we help ourselves, it`s a two-way street.

When the results start coming, when things start happening, we become reckless, arrogant, thinking we know everything, then we start walking with our heads above the others, even though you are better than someone or you have results, we should not leave this bad feeling getting into our minds. Be humble, my friend wrote on his skype status phrase. Never stops giving the 100% to the smallest details. The food you eat, the training you are supposed to do, the book you are supposed to read. Get away from the normal life, the social media is good when used wisely, but strongly bad when it`s used to much. The balance is needed at any part of your life, yesterday, today, tomorrow and ever.


Thanks for reading it.

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