Who are you?

Despite the fact that we go through changes of the years, well, along our lives. We could consider that the “YOU” from yesterday is at least 000000,5% different from the “YOU” of today because somehow, the last 24 hours has changed the way you look at some particular thing. By this definition, we could also imply that nobody is the same and we would have millions of thousand of different people every day.

Asking who you are is potentially important to take a break to realize what kind of person you´ve become, not only about actions but, emotions too. I’ve asked this question daily, just to figure it out if I am a better person or worse than the last night. I’ve experienced a lot of explosion of feelings now and I don’t remember feeling this way years ago, so to speak I think that age has been influenced on that kind of behavior.

Who  I am,  matters a lot to me, because I always wanted to have lots of different skills, such as, playing guitar, editing a video, become a teacher for example. I admire entrepreneurs who became filmmakers, directors, actors, and more, many qualities which have inspired me and made me think “Hey, I can be those things too”, it will take a lot of time, but it’s possible.

Doing nothing is dangerous for us, our mind plays us as fools when what you think that what should have happened, has actually not happened. I´ve watched a video where I guy mentioned that “loneliness” causes wounds in your minds that won’t heal so easy, and that is lot worse than a broken arm that can be operated and fixed, there is no surgery for a wound heart, though.

It’s a choice to be made, you can either sit in your desk, do your job, get up at the end of the day and go home, watch tv, surf on the internet, eat, go sleep and that is that, or you can choose to defy yourself by playing some sports, challenge you to do something you´ve been afraid of your entire life, acquire new skills, better something you are good at and live life always at 99% of great things.

I am a system analyst, a teacher, an entreprenour, a visionary, a lover, a thousand of carrears  that I choose to be, because being is not a matter of being tall or short, rich or poor, is a matter of believing that can be true.

Who are you?


Thanks for reading it.




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