We are strange!

Came to mind that if you look for strangeness in the world, you might find a lot of weird stuff, such as people, things, animals, things that we didn`t even know that exist, but well, these are and will always be there, speaking of which I also remember that we do strange stuff all the time. Depending on the day, how is your mood, what happened last night or any disturbance that might’ve been occurred, make us do stupid things or maybe go back and do the dumbest things all over again.

We are easily addicted to things, not only things but bad ones, you know? We eat too much, drink too much, talk too much and listen too less, even though we know these things are wrong we do it anyway, but why? Jesus might know that or maybe God himself, but this is a answered question that only aliens could answer it, cause besides them, we are all humans.

We give attention to who doesn’t want it, we don’t call who is waiting for a call. We spontaneously do things that will hurt, but whatever, right? Next day it will be all forgotten or maybe forgiven, who cares? The fact is, we get attached to bad habits very, very soon and to get rid of them, you are in serious troubles.

Our strangeness goes from the more bizarre actions to the smallest ones, for example You know that you don’t brush your teeth you will get some dental cavity, but laziness gets in the way and you go to sleep without doing it, next day I’ll do it, not a problem. We cheat on our partners already waiting for forgiveness, we drink expecting a huge hangover afterwards, next morning complaining about it “Ohh I will never do it again”, next month there you are. Ate too much? Go to the gym. That’s all here, it’s a vicious circle or an addicted situation, choose either one of them, but you got it, right?

Sometimes, we act weirdly to get into the most awkward situations that we complain about it, feel bad about it, to get to God knows where. Acting in such way is not voluntarily for a bad purpose, I guess is the totally opposite, we think it won’t hurt, it won’t do anything, but the pure satisfaction of ours. That’s us, freaking human beings.

Thanks for reading it.




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