A word on Training

Well, it’s been a while since the last post, but with too many things going on, sometimes is difficult to get enough time to sit and write, a relieving  activity. Let’s go back to training thing.

I’ve started real training on last year, with swimming and running as main activities and work out the maintain the body strong and even though now I am much more aware the importance of each sport I went through a lot this past year, 2015 was a very good year for learning about limitation, obedience, discipline, food and pain.

The satisfaction of finishing a training that your coach demanded is something very unique that only who practices sports knows it. So far I had some short periods of training, nothing more than 3 months of work out. It was good while the results were coming; arms getting bigger, chest and back too, but there is something else on sports. Pace, time, speed, breathing accuracy, techniques, and strategies are all together to accomplish a better result, not without training, and training a lot.

When you wake up not willing to go training, but you get up and think about the friends who train with you and that they must be there, that they also might have shared the same feeling that you are feeling and this is another day of the long journey which one day might as well take you to higher and better places.

Now when you slept well, ate well on the previous day and woke up by yourself at 04:30 AM, that’s it, that is the day to give a 100% of you and finish the training well done. During a year, I have experienced days of 80%, 70% or even 50% of strength. No matter what level you are I believe that a training not very good is better than a non-training day. Resting is important but, once defined the training chart we should follow it.

Less Brown once said that “there are people that make things happen, that watch things happen and those who don’t know what happened” and to me, you that don’t train is watching things happening, no secret to change that, just start doing it. It is a new whole Universe where you can find out more about your best points, that your body is easily adapted to one sport, better than others, then you start paying attention to the Olympics and watching things, good stuff, not Whatsapp videos, facebook surfing activities and crap on TV. Your body thanks you for doing that, your mind is fill up goodness.

This text has been written after a running, so you can imagine that even to free your mind and do things that really matter,  we, you and they should open eyes for the real valuable moments in life and make a better place to live.


Thanks for reading it.


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