Look around you

Well, life can be crazy and full of wild people and I am using the term “wild” cause only wild people are able to do shit stuff, such as killing, assassinating, fighting one another. The noise of the world sometimes is too high, too loud and can drive you crazy, just like the world itself. Violence and economic crises are all around, you can see it in the news, on TV, radio, whatever….that`s why I avoid this kind of things, just because it won’t add anything in my life, besides the frustration of leaving in the messy world.

Stop for a moment and start noticing the small things can be a great way to begin realizing that we can create our own world if we want to, we can live among good people if we want to and we can be good, not because we want to impress other people or because we want a reward, but being good should be our natural state.

I enjoy a passage from the movie John Q (2012) when Denzel Washington says to his soon: “You always listen to your mother, you understand? Do what she tells you to do, she is your best friend. Tell you love her every day, you are too young to girls right now, but it’s gonna come the time and we it does you treat them like princesses, because that’s what they are. When you say you are gonna do something… You do it, you be a man, because it’s your world son, it’s all you have…… and money, you make money if you have the chance, even if you have to sell something once in a while, you make as much as money as you can, don’t be stupid like your father, everything is so much easy with money son. Don`t smoke! Be kind of people! If somebody chooses you…You stand up and be a man and you stay away from the bad things son”.

I take very seriously some parts of this speech and can not mean much, but it’s all there. One step back to understand what is going on,  to read between the lines, to see what other people can’t see. Become something more than just a regular person, cause we can be more than what we are, always, there is no perfection state, we can always better our best.

Look around you, not only with your eyes, with a some sort of sixth sense. Let the world burn red. When you are focused on something the ground can shake and the sky can fall, but you keep moving forward, you might step back, two steps back, but five forward. “You must have faith and faith drives you to action.” Less Brown’s wise words.


Thanks for reading it.

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