Is happiness measurable?

What if we could measure happiness in scale? percentage? or any other kind of way. Today I got stuck with this thinking for a couple of minutes, which made me start writing this time. Will be happiness a thermometer for a life well lived?

Let’s say that during a year we could have from a scale from 1 to 10, an average of 7. Was that year a happy year? Some will say “yes”, others “not really”, and other will just not even care about this facts. Once I was asked if I was happy or not, by that time I couldn’t answer and for sure now I still can’t, but is there really a way to tell if you are happy or not, or is that only characterized by moments?

There are happy moments in life, whether you’ve won something or perhaps met someone that you really wanted to meet. As these happy moments fades away, I think we return to a state of normal and again, what is it normal in this case? I believe that no one on this planet would like to be angry, or stressed or upset at any moment, but can we avoid that? I don’t think so, cause life is unpredictable as it goes and what we can do, however, it’s to enjoy the good moments, so-called “Happiness” is sometimes present

If somebody asks you “Are you happy?” what would you say? I wish luck for you on that one, got 3 years thinking about it, in 2016 it will reach 4 years. Happiness or Sadness equally affects us and different ways, but why do we feel like that? Is that life on its normal course of events what will end to the H or S word?

On a video that I’ve watched they made a research and found out that, when you get rich your happiness grows tremendously after the fact happens, but as the days pass by you will return to the normal state, on the other hand, if a beloved one dies, you will cry, reminisce about the past, but after a long period you will reach the normal state again.

To be honest, brainstorming this idea can have some effects on you, maybe you start wondering more about happiness, start measuring it, but again, to me, this is a question without answer,  it’s a puzzle with no end piece and as far as I can remember, being happy is to be able to remember things and laugh, it is the ability of watch a funny movie and laugh out loud, it’s to be comfortable around people you share a life with, so measurable or not I would like to always be happy, for as long as it lasts.

Thanks for reading it.




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