Knowledge is everything

We usually miss-interpret the idea of studying, with that boring image in our heads, which is “school, books, waking up early, homework, etc”, however, it’s that part that really tricked me when I was younger. Going to school without knowing why we are going might be one of the biggest reasons to why we hate studying.

As the years went by I started noticing very particular aspects of life and that’s when the knowledge is needed. Knowing more and more has only good benefits for any area of your life, knowing more about love can save you from suffering, knowing more about math can save you money and knowing more about earthquake might save your life one day, who knows where you will be living in ten years from now, right?

I have been engaged with this task this year, why? Well, sports have been part of my life and to increase performance I have to know more, elevate my skills, know what to eat and when to eat to have the body ready and full of reinforcement. Knowing is everything about everything can open your mind widely and who holds so much have power, not power to demand things to people of become better the others, but power to take the best decision whenever is necessary.

Learn = Knowledge = Power = want to learn more, restart. That’s my count now, that’s how I am trying to live life, getting rid off addicted situations and relationships, not having time for bullshits, for being upset, for crap stuff around us and to be honest, the internet is an amazing thing you can learn a lot from there and share your life, but when used carefully, as well as knowledge, the internet is full of wrongs paths, which are easily taken if you don’t have focus.


Thanks for reading it.


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