If a child misbehaves then depending on the age, it will be punished or perhaps explained that what she or he did was a bad thing. If an animal misbehaves then a punishment is applied as the animal can’t hear your voice and say “Yes, I understand”. Now, when adults take place this subject becomes a mystery. Behavior is now depending on your condition and point of view.

Let’s get practice into place to get a better idea of what I mean. If you see someone on the streets asking you for food, you would probably give something to him or her to eat, you would buy food, give money, etc. When imagining that for 30-following days, I presume that your behavior would change, right? Instead of giving that person money you would probably find a job for  her or change your path to not stumble with her again.

Changing areas, I would say that into any other segment of your life you will find situations where you will act and react based on what you’ve lived until that point in time, rejection with rejection, rage with rage or gentleness with gentleness. Whatever comes to you it will be a payback. The question is  “what to do?” what is the right decision, the right thing to do, and again “looking from your side” X “looking from everybody else’s side”.

Is goodness coming from your mind? heart? from your life experience? From your mother and father? big brother maybe? Such as goodness, evilness is there too, but we prefer to refer to goodness pretending there is no evil inside, it’s easier. I wonder if we would act differently with were born in different families, social class, country and language. Would us be better or worse, happier or sadder, who knows? Can we reborn?

As the years pass by, there are more and more deep thoughts about life, destiny, future, past choices, feelings and thoughts itself, how to stop them? Are them stoppable? What is the source of us? The essence of each feeling we have from the moment you know yourself as a person to this very moment now? Is our behavior right? Are you behaving accordingly to the laws were present to you? What if you weren’t?

I still don’t know how to behave sometimes.


Thanks for reading it

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