Sports that I didn’t know

What I’ve come to appreciate is the fact that I didn’t even know what sports were until I turn 28 years old, to me there was soccer which I used to play with friends, even though I sucked, and to be honest, I was very bad at the beginning, the last one to be chosen and the one guys with make fun with and as the time passed by I started improving, better than before but far from what guys would call “I want you to play with me in my team”, for some guys this was very easy, envy gets in the way.

Lucky me I met friends who like to run, some of them like to swim and my sport’s life started for my own sake. This day started when I realized that to get in shape and have a nice body would only happen with sport’s help and friend’s help, that to work out alone with no reason was too little. Every training day is a challenge and a chance of knowing myself better in all aspects. Now I know that our body was made to be challenged and most  people misunderstand that fact, they actually confuse getting tired from exercising with getting tired of doing nothing, which for me is a lot worse.

Physical activities should be involved to every single person, independent of their social class, however, we all know that to practice some sports you need money to buy tools, or pay a gym to have access to their environment, not fear, but who says life it’s. Gladly late in life some people have the opportunity to start and save their lives.

I know both of them, some friends that started earlier in life and some that have just started a few years ago, however, the good performance is a relic. Those idols that everyone talks about, famous people who have accomplished extraordinary stuff, but again, to be honest, at this particularly moment I have other names in mind such as Isaque, Bia, Barbara, Edson, Andrea, Marcio, Jefferson, Marcos, coach Rodolfo and some other friends that will have to forgive me for not mentioning them, but the post would get too long. Now and then I hope to be able to practice sports every day and be able to set new goals every time I accomplish the ones. I wouldn’t be able to do that alone, that’s why here is my “thank you” for my friends who train with me and share terrific moments, these days will be unforgettable.

A special thanks for Bia who have helped me to run my first 10km within 50min.


2 thoughts on “Sports that I didn’t know

  1. My friend you are the best!!! I have no words to explain what I feel when I read this post…. Thanks for all, thanks to be our big friend… And how I ever say… We will be together forever… And sorry for my poor english…

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