Adulthood is indeed a stage of life which has a lot more to offer than the previous ages, only for that fact that you’ve lived more and for that reason you also have suffered more, learned more, struggled more and a lot of “mores”. As well as adults I think older people have more to say and to share, but as I haven’t reached that age yet, I won’t be able to express myself with the detailed aspects that I want to.

If you stop to think about it, from college mates to friends who are still present in your life, the count is aggressively sad, I myself have the pleasure to still keep in touch with the majority of them, even though it’s only a “Hi, how have you been?”. Every time you meet people from the past, some memories come to mind in an undeniable way, that’s life going to place, feelings that you can fire up by yourself,  well none of our feelings can’t, however, some we can try to, right?

If you ask which person I would prefer to introduce to someone today, I would definitely choose today’s personality, today’s feelings, today’s experiences rather than 5 years ago version of me. I’ve failed so many times to do so many things that it is practically wise to say that mistakes were built-in. So now, if I make a mistake again, it will be a choice and not a mistake. Good saying that I’ve heard this week about mistakes.

The  thoughts are higher and clearly than before, things that you’ve wished for have fallen apart, people that you’ve wished for have vanished for the active part of our brain and that is self-proven by asking you “do you remember them?”, cause if you don’t, not worth remembering. Self-control is the key to accomplishing new things in life and this key is only renewable, increased, bigger when the age grows in ourselves. The life we choose to live today is the life we will reclaim in the future.





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