Stop thinking, can we?

I always blame myself for thinking too much, thinking about everything and everyone, why things got wrong, should I’ve changed something to get it right? Should I change who I am to please everybody else? Thinking over and over, where things are going, are they really going somewhere? or not? Stuck, going up or downwards? is this really right? What am I suppose to do?

Could we stop thinking? just for a couple of hours, turn this thing called “Brain”off and do nothing? Perhaps we do, when we watch a movie or listening to some music, a good talk to a someone? is there a way for us to relax and take things a lot easier than they are supposed to be? Stop thinking becomes then a “Thinking on the automatic mode” just letting the words or images comes in and not reminisce or plan nothing.

“I can’t wait to fall in love with you”….just a Justin Timberlake song while writing this post was a way to prove that music comes to mind and a very strong way, it makes us move, change humor and gladly change a state of mind which has a not necessity  for us to get stuck anywhere and let life takes its own path.

Is there anybody out there that we can really connect and transform thinkings into something else? It could be, couldn’t it be? Could we share thoughts, could we free our mind when writing, talking or staring at somebody, writing is a rewarding exercise which I can prove it right, just by doing this; writing, posting, tagging, sharing, etc.

Well, we can’t stop thinking, otherwise, we would be dead because even when we are sleeping we are still thinking, subconsciously of course, but we are. Now if you stop to think about it, your brain has never, not even for a second stopped working since the day you were born and I am only talking about the normal person part, not as an expert of the human brain!

Stop thinking in 1, 2, 3…… let`s begin



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