My own Prayer

Dear God
Allow me on this very day
To perform my best
at any activity that I am willing to perform
Guide me through this day with only goodness in my heart
Block any attempt that might deviate me from the truth
that I’ve always believed in
Empower me to be physically and mentally healthy
Help me to deal with any kind of bad feelings that might appear, mainly rejection
Help me to comprehend the things that I don’t understand
Help me to understand what my body tries to say
Keep me always from bad feelings, please keep me away
Surround me only with good people who look for the same goals that I do
Keep me focused on my daily goals and so to my final one
Happiness is the only thing that I want to achieve
Pacify my mind and heart and that my body is filled up with energy and
that people around me understand what I am trying to do
Thank you for listening my words
From the bottom of my heart, I say
Thank you

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