I wrote a letter

I wrote a letter, I sang a song, I whisper unforgettable words, I took her home, I watched her sleep and I warm her up, I sent flowers, chocolate, and a postcard, I gave her attention, I stood up for her, I waited when it was needed and I hurried things up when I thought it was right. I called her and left her a note, a message, and another letter.

I did it twice, I ran away, I returned and I hold. I shut up, I screamed out loud. I stared at to see it better and I dodged to avoid it. I focused, then I gave up, I gave up and I gave in.

There were so many I couldn’t choose, I couldn’t care I could not wait for less. She wasn’t real, no for more than that night, she vanished away as my eyes started opening again. This was a dream and I wrote a letter.


Thanks for reading it!

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