An “App” for every single thing


One thing called my attention today. We are now in the era of technology, Facebook, and sharing things, right? Well, after checking some of my habits, I’ve noticed one thing very interesting: Applications are everywhere, an application on your mobile phone, tablet, computer and gadgets for running, swimming, sleeping. A long list of apps that helps us with our daily tasks, from my application list, here are some that I’ve found very useful:

  1. Hydro Coach (Which helps me remembering about drinking enough water during the day);
  2. Alarm (Normal cell phone alarm, alarms to get up, eat, go home,e etc);
  3. Podcasts audios (very useful for getting in contact with subjects of your interest, such as foodstuff);
  4. GPS App (Waze is an amazing thing);
  5. TED (TED talks are very nice to hear and improve knowledge);
  6. Twilight (App to low the light from your mobile and less damage your sleep);
  7. Wunderlist
  8. Trello
  9. WordPress
  10. All above are related to TO DO list and getting productive

Well, let’s stop for a moment and think about it, I have easily listed 10 applications from my head that I have listened used, would that not be too much?

GPS’s helps us to get to places we don’t know how, but at a certain point help us also to get DUMBASSES right? NO GPS, NO INTERNET we can’t go out, we can reach the places we would like to go to, however, back no more than 10 years, if we wanted to get somewhere we would normally call a friend, ask for people on street and just take directions, write them down and life was just simple as it should be.

An alarm application is one application used to remind us of something we should do, perhaps for eating purposes my stomach is my best friend and is always telling me “eating time fellow” and done, time to eat. An alarm to get up, one to leave home, one to go sleep, there are alarms everywhere too. Although they are helpful, comes to mind that this questions: Could I live without so many apps in my life? Could I perform as good as I can with no help? Could I get things done?”

Well, the answer to all these questions is known at this point, I am really addicted to applications at this moment, and I am not even mentioning useless apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and a lot of others. Sorry for calling them useless, but there is no much to take out of this applications, but only for internment, not actions. Let me try to rephrase then. Less useful apps.

This was just a brainstorm of our current lifestyle, which can’t be undeniably linked to Applications all over, to everyone, everything and at every moment of our daily basis tasks.

Are you addicted to applications too? If my phone battery dies “holy shit, this is going to be tough”.


Thanks for reading it.

obs: Damn, I’ve forgotten the must useful app ever, ELEVATE (You should try sometime)…..see, I am really addicted…lol



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