There is no DIET people! Get over it!

Well, I`ve always got stuck with this very subject and came to mind to write about it. There are many ways to lose weight, but DIET is not one of them, restricting what you eat can be effective in some ways, but it is hard, frustrating and painful to restrict what you’ve been eating for so many years and you might get the wrong path when you choose a very restrict diet. As the days go bye, you get upset and throw everything away.

Because of our bad habits and no information we still get what the food business has to offer, industrialised and pure crap. Real food is what we really need since the beginning and since our grandfathers taught us to, but back then we were too naive and really didn’t know what it’s like to be healthy. The truth is that we were taught wrong all along.

The intuit of this post is regarding more to what to do or what helps following a good and healthy life, from my point of view of course.

Let me try to describe what I’ve found lately about food and stuff like that.

  1. First of all, read and read a lot, as much more information you have about food, good for you.
  2. Learn how things work, we should’ve learnt it from school, but again, we were too dumb.
  3. Buy food for the week only, doing that you avoid eating too much, cause well, what you bought is only for that 7 following days, if you eat what you were supposed to eat today, it will be missing tomorrow.
  4. Don’t buy any crap, such as cookies, soda, crackers, etc, because if you buy, you are gonna eat it, even when you are all set and doing things done, it’s better to avoid the temptation.
  5. Became a busy person, if you do so, you won’t find you mind thinking about food all the time. We were made to live a life and not only to eat, right?
  6. Watch and listen to contents that involve food programs, that will help you to get more kind different of sources for knowledge.
  7. Give value to your sleep, it’s important to sleep well, that brings a good day. At this point, you’ve been asked to give up of all the nightlife (during the week I mean). Football matches, Late TV programs, and so on, forget all about that and be focused.
  8. Find a sport that suits you better, it doesn’t need to be soccer or swimming, or running or….. You need to love what you do, whatever that sport is, find it and practice it.
  9. Create the chain of a good life, by EATING GOOD > SLEEPING WELL > PRACTICING SPORTS > FELL GOOD > EATING GOOD
  10. That’s all people, following a pattern of good stuff, there is no reason to suffer and live a life in a bad way.

That’s my advice for today.

Thanks for reading it.


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