Thank you all

Since the beginning of my life, I had this unexpected ability to get new friends, even from family. For not talking much and always avoiding conflicts, I think that God somehow has given me this enormous gift. From everyone I met in life, I think that without permission I’ve gotten a bit of them, some of their patients, some of their best qualities, maybe some of the bads too, but that it’s too little comparing to how good my friends are.

There were colleagues, co-workers, unknown people that became part of my life, they were also important to me, in fact, every person has its own qualities, it’s up to us to see it and take advantage of it, become better and stronger because of it.

I’ve gotten friends from my childhood, high school, university, past jobs, other countries, from everywhere. Although, I thought that I could live a life alone, just going to places, live in the woods, reading, learning, eating well, but you know what? Without people we are nothing, otherwise, we would have born alone, each one of us in a planet, right? We have certain feelings within us that were made to be shared, loneliness for itself translation or traduction is an awful way to live, not one sure experience that.

I’ve heard once that, good feelings are hard to get, because it’s much more difficult to like someone than to dislike, to dislike a person we don’t need to make any efforts, it just comes easily as a knife cutting cotton, but if you really want a relationship with a person, whichever that person is, a friend, a girlfriend, a relative you would need to be very attentive to people and get the best of them, as well as, giving your best to them, that’s a fair exchange of experience from my point of view.

I would name my friends here, but that would be a long list, but to my friends that taught me to drink, to run, to swimming, to think, to relate, to manage, to deal with, to express myself, to be aggressive, to behave properly, to become who I want to be, here is my thank you for all you’ve done for me, and I hope to somehow you could get something back from me too.

It’s not a friend’s day, not Christmas Eve, the beginning of the year or I am about to die, but feelings were made to be shared whenever the appear, today was the day.

If you are my friend and read this, please be thankful!


Thanks for reading it

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