The Matrix we live in

It can be dramatic or sort of unrealistic to compare a movie with real-life, but if you think about it and pay attention to how we are behaving lately, you will notice how connected we are for almost a hundred percent of the time we are awake. It’s just a matter of stopping doing what you doing and take a step back. Imagine as you were out of your body for one minute and start seeing the life from the top, just like those movies when dead people picture with their souls out of their body. Scary? Isn`t it? But just for a minute, then you go back.

I’ve struggled with these thoughts for a while and after taking the train to a daily job routine, I stumbled into some people during the way and why? Because they were using their phones and so attached to it, just like some kind of spell and also inside of the train when there was no space for moving, that was everybody with the device on their hands. That’s just struck a nerve. How can everybody be blind that way or I might have wondered, it’s just me or is someone here that is watching this crap happening.

Same for other fields of our life, at home, at work, going to lunch, during a family meeting perhaps. Are phones that plug that Matrix`s actors were attached to it until they were released? And I am not talking about ages here, from children to elder people, is everyone trapped by technology. I am big fan of big screens, nice phones, fast laptops and everything that involves technology, however, if you are not using it right, I can guarantee that you or I, we are wasting time on social medias and instant messages applications, while you are spending your valuable time checking out messages, pictures, images, links, whatever you paying your attention too, sorry, but you’be been busted.

It’s time for us as individuals, take responsibility for our family, friends, children, co-workers, even strange people and drop phones back to our pockets while are people around. It’s addictive! I know it! I am not as smart as I am trying to be writing this words, but in fact somewhere back last week I just been caught up and maybe Trinity or Morpheus have contacted me and said: “Hey! You want to blue or the red pill?”.

I`ve just chosen the red one.

Time to wake up people.


Thanks for reading it.

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