Lonely road

No one will tell you what to do to be successful in life. You will probably find out lots of materials, sites, links, texts, books saying how you can become rich, healthy, amazed, intelligent, etc. Life is a challenge to you, to others, to everybody else. Some people are healthier than others or smarter, but that ain’t related to what you were born, your neighborhood, your relatives, friends or whatever, the real truth is that how committed you are to every goal you have.

Sometimes it’s a lack of motivation or basically knowledge, if you don’t know something, that basically means that you haven’t learned yet or you haven’t practiced yet. The difference between someone who speaks German to the one who does not is wide and clear to me. Either the guy or girl who speaks German is a Germany itself, or went to a school and dedicated him or herself to that goal “Learning German”.

Dedication is some of the key words that you may find during a journey from where you are to where you want to become or the person you want to be changed into. Once I heard something from Denzel Washington who said “If you have a dream and don’t set a goal, your dream is only a dream and once you have set the Goal, this goal can only be achieved with consistence and discipline. With that being said, what might those things mean, let’s wide it up.

Consistence is going or doing that thing you want to do with frequency and discipline is doing what you have been told to do or intruded to do. Set a Goal, start, keep going. One step at the time, but forward, always forward.

This is you, only you, not your mother, brother, friends, teachers, is you. Tough? Yep, but guess what! If you are truly doing something for the right reason, difficult things will come on your way, but it doesn’t matter, because when you do something you really enjoy doing it, things will take its place, you just have to believe it.

The road of success is lonely at the beginning and full of joy right after you realize that the journey is more important than the goal, what you become in process is far more important than the dream .


Thank for reading it.

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