A word on low-carb after only 7 days

I have recently discovered something very special in the field of food and I wanna share it.

For ages, I have been trying to get in shape by any efforts, good results, but not amazing results, why would that be? Maybe some hormones were damaged, may it some related to a family DNA problem, well, I had to figure it out. Once again after times and times, pieces of training, walking around I stumbled into something very special, real food.

Are carbohydrates essential to us? Maybe, but these carbohydrates should not come for industrialised food, that’s for damn sure. After learning more about how our body works it’s easier to see what is going wrong in your path of reaching something so difficult for most people. Training the body is a well-known activity that we all should perform here and then, but we must be careful in which conditions we are before getting into running the marathon of sports.

Focusing too much on training and ignoring the mind, might just get you frustrated and confused. While you spend ours in the gym, working out, buying supplements, buying whatever you can to accomplish your final goal, you might be missing something else. Low-carb is kind of a diet, but indeed is not a diet at all. At the beginning, I thought it would be a way to help me out, now I believe is not helping me at all, it’s saving me.

Very simple and clear, we should not follow anything based on biassed evidence, but on facts from your environment, life experience, books, important people with results. Once you find that it’s easier to follow the plan, we are not sheep going to a slaughter house, we are more intelligent than that. Study hard, train the mind before the body and the body shall follow the mind.

Eradicate from your life industrialised food once and for all, it’s just making you sick and addicted to it. 7 days now without sugar or any kind of crap food. It took me 29 years to get to this point, but I only got here after learning the real damages that bad food can cause in your system and I only was able to do that studying and studying a lot, long history short, stop wasting time and make some good use of your time. It ain’t the fat.


Thanks for reading it.

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