Organization (You must have it)

Organization is a common name for companies, right? So, from that definition, we could conclude that companies are organised and things work perfectly. True story, sad story, though. From what I can see we should point the direction of a discussion to “Organization” as part of our lives and one of the best practices to increase our productivity, free some time and well, don´t panic when someone asks you something should have or know.

From a closer perspective point, if you are an unorganised person, that will affect all aspects of your life. Your computer is disorganised, your car, closet, your life itself. Writing this very paragraph I ended up finding the definition for “Disorganized” and “Unorganized”. Two words, one softer than the other. Disorganised has a more disapproving and stronger meaning, so let’s use disorganised from now on.  If you don’t have a way to organise yourself, you will probably give excuses to whatever need you have, from finding a document for an interview or perhaps finding your latest back exam for an appointment scheduled for the next day.

Organization saves your time. When you say “I don’t have time”, think about what you could do with a little more time, if you have a lot of things to do, then to be organised is a good thing, however, if you answer is “I have plenty of time” and you are still stuck in some place between your current life moment and your dream, you should re-think the way you’ve been dealing with things, but now it’s not a correct place to discuss “future or life”, let’s try that in another moment.

There are a bunch of applications and way of doing things that might help you out on a daily basis. Let’s go through some of the things I’ve been doing.

  • Tag your stuff at home, put your documents in paper or plastic bags, tag your exams, documents, bills to pay, etc. Doing this you can easily find things when needed.
  • Use Waze application to schedule your trips, now there is a nice feature where you can set the time you will need to arrive in a certain place and Waze will tell you the time to leave home.
  • Use Evernote to save all your content to later, easily find pieces of important information
  • Organise your bookmarks in order to get every portal, website, link and other things right where you can find it.
  • Use your phone for finding and also tagging things around
  • Use To DO & Doing lists to better track what you need to do (per day, week, month or even a year)
  • Organise your clothes, personal items, etc. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.


Do it well and once and free time in your life for better and nicer things, rather than freaking out every time you need something. Spend time, never waste it.

Thanks for reading.



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