Life is long road (Not shortcuts)

When we are born, we know very little, actually we know nothing about anything, but we still smile and have a lot of fun without even knowing what we are laughing at. That’s a children’s life, years of happiness, a lot of crying, eating and making parents’ lives better. Cute creatures who will no longer be able to do this kind of stuff soon, life goes on.

Jumping way long to adulthood, we’ve lived for many years doing things; studying, reminiscing, learning, getting our heads off, struggling with everyday’s’ challenges and every challenge put us closer to somewhere. You perhaps measure your life by your achievements, by the money you have, how many girls you’ve gotten, whatever it’s your counting, it might signify to you whether you are happy or not. By doing that you also can set new goals, right? That’s a life process that we all have, we live each day based on how we feel, goals, how you want to feel, with who you want to be with, places you want to go to, places you want to buy or visit.

In the meantime, you will find out that lots of things about everything and you might wonder about things like: Science, math, languages, physics, about your body, how to get your life better, how to not suffer, how to! How to! How to! The road you choose it’s crucial in terms of getting to good stuff in life. Sometimes I see people willing to want things, but doing very little in order to get those things. I call them shortcuts, we all want them, right? It’s easier, it’s less painful, it’s shorter and nobody needs to pay. Not paying for something might be nice, but only as a gift in my opinion. Free stuff when they shouldn’t be, I believe is a mistake, surrounded by good intentions, but a mistake.

If something was built, was made, was generated by someone, this someone should receive something back, the natural path of life, action and reaction, giving and receiving, seeing and showing, getting tired and resting. There will always be a reaction to an action, isn’t that what we’ve learnt? If you hurt someone, there will be probably a payback to you sooner or later, but we should not think about that, doing good because doing good makes us good, because that’s what life is all about. Living with no shortcuts, with no easy way. It’s hard to choose your profession, it’s hard to find a perfect person to be with you, it’s hard to learn things you don’t know. Isn’t extremely difficult? Yes, “damn Yes”, but, no wait, there is no “but”, just do things, learn, grow, very straight forward. If it’s easy, you should be worried. (that’s for free).

Thanks for reading it.


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