Sometimes things need to be fixed

Sometimes we look for new things to buy, new gadgets, new tools, new something, however, if you take a deep look into the things you already have, you may find things which need a repair, a fixing, an adjustment and in fact, we look most for the external than the internal, what we already have sometimes has no value to us, either because something has already been used for several times, or we just stopped caring about. We are easily pleased if something is new, on the other hand, older things are just ready to go the trash and exchanged by something brand new.

Looking for things at my own house, I’ve been able to fix many things, spending very little money on those things and not taking it for granted, actually, I have enjoyed the moments paying attention to this little things, appreciating the road while there. When one thing brings you to other things, it’s easier to bounce between stuff you are involved into. Great moments while washing the dishes in your house. Good moments even when the toilet paper runs out. Finding new ways to do an old task or improving your skills to perform it in a better way.

Perhaps, looking into things (material ones), we can find a way to fix things (emotionally), that for sure is something that everyone could use in life, for any moment of desperation, of pain or even drastic moments, such as a death of a beloved one. To fix is to find a way to make it working again. We break many things, cars, household items, yourself (a broken leg) for example, but what about “feelings”? Can you break them? Can we fix them? Is feeling “pain” some kind of “broken feeling”? Well, I think so. If you are stuck in something, we are basically broken, good news, we might be able to fix ourselves, though.

Know this, knowing that something is broken is the first step for getting it fixed, so I would advise you to stop for a moment, look for things that are unused, broken, forgotten or left behind. Evaluate those things (material and mental). Fix them, one by one, enjoying and learning with every screw you thread. Every new old thing you get is going to open doors for a more and more focused mind. You might save some money in the way and that comes for free, it’s your own payment for changing directions, for paying more attention to the little things.

Small, little, short are often taken in a bad connotation, but you know….sometimes it isn’t.

Thanks for reading it.



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