The Dangerous Exception

Exception from dictionary’s definition means  “an instance or case not conforming to the general rule”. Something that was not supposed to happen, out of the ordinary. Well, from everything in life we can find exceptions. When you forget to pay a bill before the due date, the bank makes an exception and let you pay it afterwards, and of course you have to pay a bit more now and the same thing happen when you make an exception in your life, that unordinary fact needs to be justified or explained just because it was not part of the plan.

To make an exception is to accept something that occurred or will occur, everyone is aware of that, but why do we make exceptions? Is there a lack of toughness ? Is there a weakness within? To forgive, to let it go, to understand. Are these all kind of exceptions? Depending on you are getting the meaning of this word from, it can be mistakenly understood. When we make plans, shall we consider exceptions along the way? Should we avoid them at all cost? Is there a rule for this kind of conception? I would not know at this point.

The fact is that, I just came out of one exception which damaged something I was working on and I saw the dangerous within before it became hear, I felt it, I knew it that making an exception could be a doorway to doubt, to the unknown of what could happen next. Lesson learnt, exceptions out of the way, a rock in the path of greatness. Every time we make or accept something that it wasn’t supposed to be there, we “at my point of view” just open ways to failure, to one more, who would know about it? Right? “Just a tiny piece, it won’t hurt” they say, but you know it’s true, we are the kings of procrastination, queens of “this time is okay”, lords and princess of “Yeah, okay”.

Consider taking deep thoughts about making exceptions in your life whether, in your personal or work life. There will always be damages for both parts, for you and for your plan, for you and for the person next to you accepting something you supposed not to do it. Make a try, live a life without making them, focus on your plan, stick to it, leave the voices of family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances on mute. Make yourself and other people proud for accepting the reality that your final goal is more important than anything else.



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