The talents we’ve left behind

I’ve gotten stroke by a lightning today. Actually, I was supposed to study but got to get this out of my mind and hopefully inspire some friends of mine. There was a thought once, which I dedicated to “what can I be?”. Talents we’ve gotten naturally. You can’t find it anywhere else, besides within ourselves. I have friends which are now learning to play music, others are travelling abroad and discovering life itself through their travels and experiences. I’ve been there and done that, feeling very excited by hearing what has been experienced so far.

Friends are mostly like us, we are friends for a reason, either we like the same kind of music or we share lot’s of commons aspects of the way of living or thinking or even behaving. I’ve gotten some friends as engineers, doctors, runners, triathletes, coaches, system analysts, programmers, coordinators, nutritionists, and far by many others. All of them have chosen to be what they are for some reason, but I believe now that they and I could’ve been whatever we wanted to be. Besides our current skills; to sing, to run, to play soccer, to be an F1 pilot, a suffer, a ballet dancer, the list goes on, but it was all possible.

We’ve been limited by our environment, by the things we’ve watched, by people we’ve listened to. Not saying, but showing us that life is the way that it’s. What if, back 10 years earlier we had thought clearly about our future, about what we wanted in life? What if, back them we had chosen different paths? What would life be right now? Going back in time is impossible, right? So, why waste time on this matter? Well, there are some good points of travelling back in time, depends on more what are you looking for. I looked for answers, for analysing what happened instead of regretting on my past decisions. It’s a process related more in reflecting than any other kind of thinking.

Talent and skills are most commonly mistaken by those who want to achieve something. Will smith once said: “Talent you get naturally, skills are only developed by hours and hours of working on your craft”. I see in many of the people that I talk to, that I share time with, their skills, their way of doing things. One of them is really good in math, making sheets of progress, statistics, the guy is crazy. Another friend is extremely strong and fast, another one works with turbines, another is a doctor. In another circle of friends, I have exceptional professionals who I think that could’ve been doing a greater work in another place because they are extremely skilful. Friends who drive amazingly, friends who can play instruments perfectly. Friends who can teach, friends who can learn easily. Friends who can play soccer in a way I once dream of. Family members who can and will achieve something else in life, sooner of later.

Friends who care about others, who understand, who share, who love things they are doing, who dedicated their lives to others, who spend time thinking about “how can I make this better?”. I don’t like mentioning names in other to keep their identities, forgive me if your profession is not on my list, but if I write all, this post would be impossible to read. My friends know who they are, what they’ve taught me and that is enough. Their current talents or dreams are within them and I hope that as for me now, they can see through the mass of today’s society and be more than what they are being, always. The world has a lot more to offer to each of us, but only if we allow ourselves to try something different.

Thanks for Reading it.


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