A Mountain Called Life


I’ve always like analogies, they make our understanding about things lot easier. With a recent mountain climbed, make it easier to write about life. For everyone, there is a mountain to be climbed during a lifetime, this mountain has no guide to tell you the best ways to take, there is no information about how high can you go or even how far. This mountain is unknown, only a few days before you start the trail you will know what is coming in your way. There will be stones, rocks, ways where you will find no way out and must turn back and find another way.

This mountain has much more people that might or might not help you, friends, family, colleges are there with you, every day, doing their best and worse to climb their own mountain ahead. Your equipment, backpack, sticks, glasses, gloves, whatever you carrying with you during this journey are also compared with the tools you use in life every single day. The books you read, stuff you give your attention to, people you talk and listen to, it’s all there. There will be more challenge things to do in your own mountain than anywhere else, even Everest, Alaska or Machu Picchu.

Desires, wishes, hope, frustration, anxiety, all together. On this last trip, going up was hard at the beginning, but going down hurt a lot more. That is the most ironic comparison I’ve made from this last experience. As in life, you go up, climb, hike all the way up, with lungs asking for air, breathing gets worse every step up, normal, no deal, but eventually you get there, at the top, admire the view, the rewarding price, breath, rest and continue. Now, the way back, breathing is not a concern anymore, independent of the altitude you are at, it only becomes easier, however, the struggle now is down there, on your knees, your feet hurts now, all your weight is going down and you must strong enough to hold it all.

Going down the hill is taking every punch that life gives you, it’s understanding why things you wish for don’t happen, even when you try hard. It’s accepting the fact that life plays itself along the way, even if you don’t believe in faith. Depending on what you do things will happen to you, that’s well known, but who said that what you did was not already defined? Hard to going down in this volcano, but your mountain might have some, desperate times I would say. Trips have more to offer than you might wonder, it ain’t about the money or the efforts you have to take in order to do those trips, it’s about the challenges you decide to embrace, don’t fall into the trap which 90% of people fall in.

Travelling is much more than a word. Climb your own mountain, you will never know how high can you go until you get there.

Thanks for reading.


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