A world made of limits

If we think about what is possible for us, based on what you´ve lived or your environment, it´s a very limited way of thinking. Everyone can set its own limit, but why do we do that? It might have been regarding something you heard, or perhaps your parents taught you that “this is possible” and “this is not possible”, shouldn’t we find out by our own though?

We see amazing things happening in the world, records been broken, fantastic technologies growing and growing every day, we watch movies with amazing actors who perhaps are really living life to the fullest, does that inspire you? If not, it should be. Working on your limitations, because the ones who set those limits are called “me” and “you”. We could be writers, singers, dancers, soccer players plus what you´ve been already doing, so why not to be? There is money involved, but money can’t be the hardest obstacle your life, we can make money if we want to, but we can’t make creativity, dreams or desire. This kind of thing is born from your inner energy, it can’t be chosen.

I know people who could amazedly perform their best activities, but sometimes something was left behind and an opportunity was missed. I, myself, see today, that if there was something back 10 years ago that could’ve triggered the lions within me, today life could be a lot different than it’s, but hey, no regrets, just getting a base to my next point. Surfing inside of my head, I’ve found dreams that I could’ve realised, girls that I could’ve kissed, friends that I could’ve met and places that I could’ve visited, but my mind is too big to be completely searched, so back into reality, let´s find more places, girls, friends and place and not try to miss them this time.

Limits, boundaries, rules, no sayers, criticism, negativity or downsides are daily struggles to me, it increases my anger towards to those who have ever stopped trying, myself included. Although there is anger within, the vision of a new future without limits is now clear to me.

Living limitless is the best way of living.

Thanks for reading it.


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