G.I.G.A -The world is getting worse, isn’t it?

Election’s day, October 2nd, 2016. A day to brainstorm about how bad things are getting as the world grows old. There are many ways to describe how people and places have been guided towards the worst part of us. There are some disbelieves going on around our heads now. People are less concern about religion, politics, family, feelings and the list goes on. Today we are less sensitive, less worried about things that should really matter and that makes us a lot less good than we used to be.

A day to vote for whoever is running for mayor because I have not watched one debate until today and I won’t probably do that anymore. Promises made by those who are in power for such long time, that it doesn’t even matter anymore. Regarding this thing called “Politics”, I have no much to say, besides, is there really something to say?

Despite the fact that technology helps us during our daily  tasks, I would say that it helps to get “dumber” too. We have GPS to guide us, applications that remind us regarding everything we want. New feeds that keep us updated about the world’s latest news. We also have applications for dating, which it’s surprisingly terrifying due to the fact that we choose someone to relate with by moving our fingers to the right or to the left. We have more and more industrialised food, again, just to make us easier to eat. Automated gates, remote controls or automatic cars. All of that for what? To free us time, correct? So, what we do with all that free time? Roll down the Facebook page? Same for Instagram? Maybe you still use “Orkut”, but I don’t even know if it still exists.

People have created things to make life a lot more comfortable, easier and better, however, are we using it in the right way? Or are we just getting laser and laser every new gadget with buy, every new device we try on. Reckless, heartless, careless and faithless. We have stopped to be more, to be less. Life is a learning process, even tough, learning bad things, bad habits or bad behaviour. It’s all connected. If you cheat on your girlfriend, you probably still the sign of cable tv, you procrastinate, you waste precious time and complain about time. You want to take advantage of others. Where did it all come from?

G.I.G.A = Garbage in, Garbage out. That’s the best definition I could add to my mind these past last months. Whatever you are reading, listen, watching or eating, it will then be transformed into something and it will get out of you. What goes around, comes around. With single mothers, single fathers, no family, no religion, no believes, no fate, no challenges, not desires, no expectations, no respect, no intelligence, no nothing, we are nothing at all. All this internet world nowadays gives us access to a whole bunch of information about everything, it is up to us to decide whichever kind of person we want to be.

It’s time to think!

Thanks for reading it.



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