Meeting love for the first time in High School

I met love when there was no sign of any other feeling around, a growing-old boy was gotten by surprise. Well, this should happen to everybody, right? Love is strange at first, but then happiness is around you all the time, even though your lover is still unaware of your love, for a while it’s nice to feel it, to think about it and to enjoy it. No happy ending here, but a good experience taken from a unique moment in life, falling in love for the first, only happens once.

From somebody else’s perspective, this can be easily taken away, but for you, it’s a special moment. Curiously nobody tells you that you are in love, not your mother, father, friends, it’s an unquiet feeling that moves you around. You stop paying attention to other things, get nervous every damn time your lover pass you by and well, nothing much to do but talking, right? Not really. The nervousness is extreme during this period of time, at least it was to me.

When words couldn’t be spoken, I wrote letters. When anxiety arrived, I tried to avoid contact. When love was around and gladly very close, I tried to enjoy. Faces never forgot, feelings deep inside that won’t be erased, even though we want to, but let’s be honest, who wants to forget something special like that? It’s painful if things don’t go according to your plan. It’s demotivating sometimes, but love is joint with hope, actually you can see some similarity with this two words, second and last letter the same. There might be something else there, right?

I still can’t remember my voice trembling, hands shaking, heart beating as fast as it could. By the time I was trying to get in touch it by being myself, but myself at that time was not confident enough, not grown enough, not even close to what I think I am now. Unfortunately, love has left some sleeping feelings that are gladly sleeping, because it’s better for now. Sleeping doesn’t mean dead, so I think sometimes it wakes up from its nap, wants to show me something, but leaves me soon enough, not hurting anymore. Love takes its place in heaven as it should be.

Hey love! Wake up once again!

Thanks for Reading it.


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